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thank you all!!! this ask the writer thing turned out pretty successful, and i'm so grateful to everyone who participated! smiley faces all around :)

ask the writer: answer the readers :)

January 25, 2019


1. favorite author and book? ~keyperofhearts
ooh... here's a list of some really good ones: Rae Carson with the Gold Seer trilogy, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, The Queen's Rising by Rebecca Ross, and A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle

2. if you would publish a book, what genre would it be? ~keyperofhearts
probably fiction, YA, fantasy, something of that sort.

3. if you were to become a fairy tale character, would you be the good guy or the villain? What characteristics would you have? ~keyperofhearts
i know this sounds self-righteous and all, but i hope i'd be the good guy (well not a guy, but you know what i mean) as for characteristics... i think manipulating people's emotions would be a really cool ability - controversial enough to make for a good plot ;)

4. what type of mythology do you like? What's your favorite story? ~timtam.9
i'm really into Greek mythology, but i also love learning about the mythology and history of non-European cultures, like the Aztecs and Incas. my favorite story would have to be that of Medusa, because her tale meant something quite different to the men and women of the time

5. have you been many places? Where would you like to go? What about traveling appeals to you? ~timtam.9
i haven't been to every state in America, but traveling has been a family affair since i was born. i've driven up the coast of California, waded in the Gulf of Mexico, seen the Grand Canyon 4 times, and been to Yellowstone. i would LOVE to go the northern California again, see the redwoods and green forests and Pacific Ocean

6. what areas in psychology do you like learning about? How did you come across your interest in psychology? ~timtam.9
i became interested in psychology when i stumbled across mbti personality types. i love how psychology delves into people and how they work and why they do the things they do. i like reading articles on psychology because i love learning what makes others (and myself) tick

7. where do you most often find inspiration for your writing? ~Quille
i often find inspiration in music and Pinterest quotes and books i read... but most times i find the inspiration in my own emotions, whether they make sense or not 

8. what's your favorite dessert? ~Quille
my all time favorite desserts: brownies and German chocolate cake :PPP

9. what do you see yourself doing in 10 years? ~RachelMarie
10 years... probably being a social worker and living with the love of my life (maybe, possibly, hopefully), maybe i'll still be writing poetry, who knows? :)

10. what is the one song that inspires you to keep/start writing? ~RachelMarie
it's so hard to pick the one, so i'll just give you one of the songs: Forever Like That by Ben Rector

11. do you like chocolate? White, milk, or dark? ~Ryder
honestly, favorite question (sorry y'all) i luvvvv dark chocolate, i could drown in it

12. do you prefer coffee, or tea? ~Ryder
hot tea, not really a coffee addict

13. do you act out story ideas? ~Ryder
mmmh, i do sometimes, but it's more just talking to myself until i think of a good phrase or word to use

14. do you make up poems in the shower? ~Ryder
actually, i do :D it's when i finally have time to myself 

15. what's your biggest aspiration in life (of any kind)? ~pencils.and.paper.roses
my biggest aspiration is to make an impact on the life of every person i meet 

16. what's your favorite kind of writing to READ? ~pencils.and.paper.roses
my favorite things to read are long novels saturated with imagery and a good plot. also love to read short poems packed with emotion

17. most importantly, where does dessert rank in the meal hierarchy for you? ~pencils.and.paper.roses
dessert is #2, after lasagna (#pasta4life)

18. do you cast characters? like, pick actors that would play them? ~pencils.and.paper.roses 
i've tried casting characters, but i never seem to do it right! maybe you're better at it than i am

19. what's your favorite animal and why? ~Blotted Ink with a Broken Quill
cats, cats, 100% ALWAYS CATS... they just have so much personality, and they can be so soft and gentle, or they can be angry and dangerous, and they're always sUCH a mood :3

20. where do you get inspiration for poems? ~Paperbird
i get inspiration from my own experiences, my emotions, anything that makes me feel... pretty much i'm trying to make sense of how i feel

21. fav song lyrics? ~Paperbird
favorite song lyrics are from ILYSB (Stripped) by LANY. it's such a gentle song, but the lyrics are so much deeper

22. how fast do you type? ~Paperbird
95 words per minute (yes i looked up a typing speed test just to answer this question)

23. if you found out this was all just a dream, would you try to wake up? (credit to lackingasociallife for that question) ~Paperbird
i don't know. my life is pretty ok, but maybe the non-dream world would be better? but then, maybe it'd be a post-apocalyptic world i'd be waking up to... that's a really good question

24. is writer's block a big issue for you? if so, how do you deal with it? ~Serendipity
actually, i don't tend to have a big writer's block issue. i don't enjoy forcing myself to write, so it's just when i'm feeling strongly about something, i write it out. i have had writer's block before, i'm not going to lie, so perhaps taking a break and looking for something that makes you feel... write something other than what you've been trying to write and maybe you'll get an idea?

25. what's your fav ice cream flavor? ~Serendipity
cookie-dough :P

26. do you play an instrument? ~Serendipity
i used to play the clarinet

27. what do you want to be when you are older? ~chethana
i want to be a social worker, help children and better their living situations

28. what are your goals/aspirations in life? ~chethana
i want to help people, make a positive impact on everyone i encounter

29. how did you start writing? ~chethana
i think i've always been a writer. my parents instilled in me a love for books when i was little, and writing just developed with that

30. what is your advice for other writers? ~chethana
really dig into your own emotions. i've found the only way i can be authentic is when i plunge my hands into my own messy, bleeding heart, pluck out something that strikes a cord with me, and run with it. come back to your pieces again later, retype, edit, publish, re-edit, republish. its a continuous, never ending cycle. also, constantly look for inspiration. find quotes that inspire you (i use Pinterest for this, a LOT), find images that mean something to you, find works of art (poems, painting, music, etc) that make you feel. and just write out how you feel, what images relate to how you feel. it takes practice, you'll develop your own style, just give yourself time. 

31. how would you describe America to someone who's never been there before? ~Secret Rose
it is extremely diverse. traveling has really shown me that. each region in America has different accents, different religious influences, different political stances, different senses of community, even different cultures. America can seem pretty... crazy sometimes, but i promise there are some really great people here. if you ever come over (lol) try out both the cities and the country, get a real feel for America :)

32. do you have any advice on how to handle writer's block? ~Secret Rose
(see previous answer please :)

33. Where's the most interesting place/country you've ever been to? ~Secret Rose
i've never left the United States, but one of my favorite places to see in the states was the northern California coast. It is so beautifully green and has the perfect chilly weather, and the ocean views are AMAZING

well, that concludes my ask the writer piece! i might answer more questions and republish if i get more, but this is already a lot, so if you've read this all, congrats to you! this is my longest piece yet
and a big thanks to everyone who provided questions!!! i appreciate each and every one of you :)


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  • loveletterstosappho

    a fellow fast typist! question 23 also is giving me a slight headache and a fraction of an existential crisis - it reminds me of a poster i saw the other day that had two opposing arguments for the question of whether or not we exist.

    10 months ago
  • paperbird

    i also love cats & play clarinet. & i also type somewhere near 95 wpm last i checked. good to know there are fast typists in the world; my classmates still finger peck.

    10 months ago
  • Quille

    Yes! Chocolate :D And wow are you a fast typer!! :DDDD I do like 30wpm if I'm really going XD

    10 months ago
  • asteria

    ooh, that is such an interesting question @RainAndSonder! when i was younger, i used to think about it in another way... what if i'm in a coma, and i wake up and i have lived a whole life in my head?

    10 months ago
  • rainandsonder

    I agree, psychology is so interesting. Also, about the thing where if you found out this was a dream, would you want to wake up— that’s similar to a moral dilemma I read about. I think it was about whether placing someone in a simulation without their knowledge and having them live their life out in that simulation, would it be morally wrong if the simulation was better than the real world?

    10 months ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    I love getting to know everyone on Wtw and your answers were terrific :) Cookie dough and lasagna for life <3

    10 months ago
  • The Bubbling Pen

    I love getting to know everyone on Wtw and your answers were terrific :) Cookie dough and lasagna for life <3

    10 months ago