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Writing isn't just for the fame of it, its for the fun it.
Like I always say, "Live to write, write to live"

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This story isn't the best on the block, but hey, hope you enjoy reading it. ;)

Break-up Over Betrayal

February 16, 2016

    It wasn't possible. No, this couldn't be happening, she thought.
    She couldn't focus on what was happening right now.  Tears blurred her vision. It was too much to handle.
    Upon realizing the truth, Sarah could feel her stomach twistening with a sickening pain. She could feel the sob rising in her throat but desperate to hold it down, she swallowed for air. With all the energy she had left in her little self, Sarah dashed to the bathroom. Slamming the cubicle door shut, she curled up into a ball on the seat.

    What happened minutes ago flooded her mind. She couldn't believe it. It hurts so much. And Sarah knew this wasn't the kind of pain that could be cured with painkillers or aspirin. It was all too hard to realize that your only best friend for the past 10 years was just using her. This friendship was just a big, fat lie. It was her way to get what she wanted.


    Unable to hold it down anymore, Sarah broke down. Tears streamed down her chubby cheeks like a waterfall. With each sob, she got another metaphorical hit to the gut. She cried and cried until she couldn't feel herself anymore.

    Why would she do this to me? Did she wanted to take her revenge on me after what happened to Morgan? But, Morgan's not here anymore. I knew it was my fault she's not here, but it was an accident. Not on purpose. I love both the twins, but God loves Morgan more. STOP RIGHT THERE, Sarah. Her thoughts came to a halt.

    Sarah shook my head violently, not wanting to rewind the memories of that fateful night. She took a deep breath. 10 years of friendship she thought she could trust. She had thought that her friendship with Megan after the accident had become stronger than ever. She thought that nothing, nothing could break that wall. Well, she was proven wrong. Turns out, this was all a LIE to Megan.

    Sarah looked down and saw the ring on her finger. Her engagement ring. To Noah, the love of her life. Next week was her wedding, but now her dreams are shattered. He was also in onto this. How much more depressing can my life get? She thought.
    When she found out that Noah was cheating on her with Megan who was the mastermind behind all this, she could feel the weight of the world crashing down on her, hard. The harsh reality of the situation hit her like a sledgehammer.  She didn't know how to react. She couldn't forget the smirk on Megan's face and the coldness in her and Noah's eyes. Megan looked so different now that Sarah was looking at her through a fresh pair of eyes.

    She had no one now. Parents? Gone. Friends? None. Acquaintances? Zilch. Her friendship with Megan had vanished just like that. Megan betraying her. And the fact that she lied and stabbed Sarah's back. Now, the only smart thing to do was to let Megan and all their memories together go. It was as clear as day that she didn't want anything to do with Sarah. Their friendship wasn't worth fighting for. Letting go of any best friend wasn't easy. You would think that Sarah would be happy or relieved to let Megan go. But no, that's not the case. Sarah was reluctant as she still felt guilty although she had suffered a major loss. But it has to be done. And, she did. That was the end of their friendship, once and for all.

    Building a trustworthy relationship with someone isn't easy. But when you do, a friend is who you consider family. And backstabbed or betrayed is one of the most painful feelings, especially when you would trust them with your life. But in the end, life goes on. You cannot be hooked up over something, you must move on. Who knows? Maybe you will find the perfect best friend. And when you do, treasure it as much as you can. You don't want history to repeat itself again, don't we?



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  • blehh

    Awesome story:) Keep it up

    almost 3 years ago