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Explosion -- Kei

January 22, 2019

PROMPT: Living People

I've just introduced this character to you, but I'm gonna do this anyway. This is: Akimura Kei, our new main character for the Mission series sequel, Explosion. 
Let me just advertise a bit: Explosion, pt. 1 here and Explosion, pt. 2 here. Stay tuned for the other parts!

1.) What is something about your character that no one knows? 
Kei hates her fiancé. You guys haven't met that jerk (yet. I won't say whether or not he actually appears or if she just talks about him). But, he is Sato Hinata, a prominent art dealer. His work brings him out of town often, but whenever he's here, he's with other people. Actually, Kei's mother got this whole engagement to happen. Kei cannot stand Hinata, but they'll be getting married in a few months. So, that's great. 

2.) What is his/her favorite time of day?  
Kei is one of those weird people who enjoy mornings. She goes out for a run at dawn in the mornings, and after, she relaxes in front of her computer to get work done. She's a pretty relaxed person.

3.) Who is his/her closest confidant?
Oh... this is tough. Well, you haven't met them yet, but I would say her sisters are her closest confidants. Being all girls, the three of them have a close relationship. Right now, her sisters are spread out: the youngest is studying in London while the eldest is living in Tokyo with her family. So, are they close? Not right now, I guess.

4.) What is something s/he collects?
Kei collects words. On the wall of her room, she has several newspaper clippings of random words. She keeps those words to make quotes later on. On another wall, she has a few photo frames around the quotes she's been able to write. They're all pretty optimistic and inspiring, just like her.

5.) What was his/her last nightmare about?
Kei's last nightmare was about the bombings. Except, she was terrified for her younger sister in London, since she's closer to the conflict. Kei dreamed about her sister struggling to survive in a bombed London, since the youngest always depended on everyone else. 

6.) What is the first thing he/she thinks about when she wakes up in the morning?
Kei thinks about the progress of the B-29's (bomber planes). In Japan, at this time, everyone was wary about where the bombers would strike next. Kei knew they would hit Hiroshima, but she, like everyone else, had no idea when. 

7.) What is something that fascinates him/her?
She is fascinated by gardening and farming. Kei's father works on a large plantation-ish place, and he's always bringing home new plants for fun. Kei has a completely black thumb, so everything she touches dies. When she sees her father growing plants, she is always shocked and confused at how it works.

8.) What is something that embarasses him/her?
Kei is embarrassed by the fact that she has no friends. Okay, wait. I know you're wondering: "Didn't she say that she's waiting for her friends at the walnut bakery?" Well, she's waiting for Hinata's friends to come to the bakery so they can have a party. Kei's only friends are Watanabe Haru and Nakamura Youta. But, they went to join the Air Defense, so Kei's pretty much alone.

9.) How does he/she like to celebrate his/her birthday?
She stays by herself during the day. It's not like she has anyone to spend her day with. Actually, wait. Her parents give her a cheesy birthday celebration in the morning before they all part ways. They give her a homemade cake with sparklers and whatnot on top. Every year it's the same type of cake: key lime pie with frosting on it (ugh, gross). 

10.) What was the last book he/she read?
Kei's last book that she had read was an old Chinese book, "Dream of the Red Chamber," by Cao Xueqin. I haven't read it yet, but I hear it's amazing.

11.) What his/her favorite type of weather?
Kei loves the fog. Whenever it's humid and foggy, Kei thrives. Why? I don't know. It signifies something but I haven't figured that out yet. 

12.) What is his/her best habit?
Kei's best habit is thinking clearly while under pressure. She has that annoying habit of keeping a clear head whenever everything is falling apart. That's how she was able to do so well in school. But, in this situation, I don't know if this will come in handy. 

13.) Worst habit?
Kei's worst habit is ignoring the opinions of other people. She doesn't really care about what others have to say when it comes to making a group decision. Hence why she has no friends and her only two made sure to join the Air Defense. 

14.) What is his/her earliest memory?
Kei's earliest memory is being with her father on a tractor in their old farm in Kyoto. There, the family had their own farm on which Kei's parents worked on. When they moved, they had to sell the farm and house. Anyway, her earliest memory is sitting on her father's lap while he worked on the tractor. 

15.) What makes him/her nervous or anxious?
Kei gets very nervous when asked personal questions. Especially ones about her fiancé. Kei loves to tell the truth, at all times, so it makes her nervous to answer questions that she doesn't want to. 

Welp, I hope that this helped you get a better idea of Akimura Kei. Let me know what you think!


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