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-hetero, cis (she/her)
-white, American

And all you fellow human beings/writers rock!!!

Message to Readers

These are 90% accurate descriptions of me and the title is on purpose. I would love feedback. thx.


January 22, 2019


I guess I'm me.
The quiet girl
The nerd
The person who lives
Under a rock.
But what if
Society read me wrong?
What if
I am the loud girl
The one who screams
and yells?
The girl
Who listens to rock music
And loves to shoot guns?
The person
Who knows what everyone is talking about
But refuses to participate
Because she is strong enough
To know what she wants?

Society misread me,
Saw my mask.
Saw the me
Who believes
Nobody wants to know
What's deep down.

I am not just the person
That everyone sees.
But then again,
Who knows if they have the talent
To look beyond the mask.
But I am not just the girl
That nobody believes could win a fight
Even get her hands dirty.
I am the girl
Who plans to put my life
On the line to give others
A second chance.

Told me,
That based on one glance,
I was one thing.
I was my mask.
I was not me.
Not allowed to pull down my mask
My face to the world.
I was the girl who everyone assumes 
Loves homework
And Beethoven
Is scared of heights
Would love to spend her time
But that's not me.
But I'm stuck.




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1 Comment
  • asteria

    this poem is ~so~ raw and emotional, and i understand where you are coming from. my mask is not me, and it's so hard to show people the real me. breathtaking poem :)

    over 1 year ago