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when you threw a book at me

By: paperbird


i knew it hurt more than any other thing
you could have slung
you might have buried a knife in my back
or throttled the blood from my pounding
hands, but instead you hurt me
with this
and i thought i might nearly have felt
the white pages pulling oxygen from
my lungs like a string
or else the words would have
hit me like monsters---
the prying claws of the letter 'y'
drawing out my heart with a bloody sweep
or the vicious blade in 'p'
punched and plunked and pummeled me
and 'love' and 'mercy' and 'forgive'
were clogged in the flaps of my throat
and instead
a story grew there:
a story, planted by the book
you see, you hit me with a book
and i can only retaliate
with a hundred more words to
spew like waste into
the hard of your brow.

Message to Readers

feedback appreciated

Peer Review

The whole story. It was awesome how you used words to express how this violent action hurt you.

Who threw the book at you?

Reviewer Comments

I love the usage of personification in this piece. It makes the story more creative. It was a intriguing read. Thanks a lot!