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Enemies to Friends

February 16, 2016



There was this new kid at school. It was 9th grade year. We didn't really talk, but when we did we argued. She was really short, she had Brown hair and it was straight. She didn't seem like a nice person when I first met. She was always mean to people and hung out with the wrong crowd. Then after awhile we became best friends.
It was the 2nd nine weeks of school and the school did this thing so all ninth graders could meet and get to know everyone. Me and Shaiann were in the same group. She was very mean and wouldn't really let anyone do anything she had to be the leader.
Shaiann told me “you could participate or you can leave” I just looked at her and smiled and continued talking to who I was talking to.
She said “ really you can't even walk on these”
I said “ no I can't I don't have good balance” then we started yelling at each other. I left and went to ask a teacher if I could change groups and they allowed me to. I didn't change at first because I thought that maybe if I started to participate maybe she would be a little nicer towards me but, that did not help. I tried everything, I tried telling her sorry, I tried asking her what she wanted me to do, I tried staying out of the things that I didn't have to be in but nothing worked for her. I finally switched groups. It wasn't as fun because I only knew one person in the group I was moved to but they were all very nice. As the day continued Shaiann’s attitude got better I was not getting rude looks and evil stares but she was still very mean. The year continued and we didn't talk for the rest of the year.
The beginning of 10th grade year. The first day of school I walked into my first period class to see Shaiann sitting in her seat I thought for sure it was going to be a bad year. I walked up to her and said
“How has your morning been”
She replied ” not so bad how about yours”
I replied ” not the best it is the first day back at school”
Then I apologized to her about the year before and she apologized to me. The bell rang and we sat down for class. After class I told her to have a good day and she said you too. I went on with my day knowing I might make a new friend. The next day we talked and so on. Then one day I was upset and crying and she asked what was wrong and I told her everything that was going on, she sat there and listened to me talk for a while. She asked if there was anything I wanted her to do and I asked her to just talk with me. Ever since that day we have been best friends she is always there for me and I'm always here for her.


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