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Your World in Three Senses

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For this prompt, dear writers, bring to mind the place that is most familiar to you...

Now transport us there with three vivid and telling descriptions, each using a different sense: SIGHT, SMELL, SOUND, TASTE, or TOUCH. Perhaps it's the feeling of the dry desert wind that defines this place for you, or the shoreline upturned by a hurricane gale. Perhaps it's the sound of the dogs howling or the hoot owls hooting. Perhaps the smell of smog or sea salt. Pick details that are particular and specific, and bring them to life with fresh language.

Examples of Sensory Description
  • SIGHT: Every few kilometers there rose out of this moonscape a billboard for soda or beer or suntan lotion, its colors faded since the previous summer, edges unglued and flapping in the wind. (“The Provincials” by Daniel Alarcon)
  • SMELL: The intensely familiar odor of cigarettes, musky sweat and a faint sweetness like grass, and with it the rushing cold of the mountain. ("Brokeback Mountain" by Annie Proulx)
  • SOUND: The train called out along the sky; but there was no answer; and the cry hung on; I’m coming… I’m coming … The engine flared out now, big, whisking a dwindling body behind it; the track flared out to let it in. Creaking, jerking, jostling, gasping, the train filled the station. ("The Train from Rhodesia" by Nadine Gordimer)
  • TASTE: The feast of new corn... As soon as one strip of husk was down, the rest obeyed and the ear yielded up to him its shy rows, exposed at last. How loose the silk. How quick the jailed-up flavor ran free. ("Beloved" by Toni Morrison)
  • TOUCH: Everything was dry: the silt-covered road, the dirty white sand dunes, somehow even the ocean. (“The Provincials” by Daniel Alarcon)