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Year by Year

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Share at least one event from each year of your life up to and including this year. For example:

Year 1: Birth. My cousin Rebekah came over almost every day to play with me. I also learned to "babble", or speak baby talk. 
Year 2: My younger brother Liam was born, and I started to walk and become more efficient at speaking. 
Year 3: My brother and I would run around the couch at our house in Springfield, Missouri, in our diapers every day for fun. 
Year 4: We moved into my great-grandma's house to help take care of her. 

See if you can include specific or sensory details that draw the reader into the particulars of your life. Where did an event take place? Do you remember the weather or time of day? Do you remember the emotion that characterized the event? If the experience comes from the earlier years of your life, before memory, ask a parent or sibling for details. And remember, you’re only selecting one experience for each year, so choose carefully! Can you convey—through your description—why this particular event or memory held such significance?

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[This prompt was originally designed by Write the World member Zoe Skaggs.]