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Your Voice: Climate Change

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The climate is changing. 97% of climate scientists believe that the earth is warming due to human activity. In response, every country in the world—save for Syria, Nicaragua, and now the United States—has committed, through the Paris Accord, to lower its green house gas emissions over the coming decades.

How might climate change affect your life and the lives of future generations? What impacts are you experiencing already in your part of the world? What do you want the legislators of your country to know about your feelings on this issue? 
Dear writers, in one sentence or one hundred sentences (or anywhere in between), tell your president or prime minister (or another leader of your country) about your perspective. To get the conversation started, yapyapxySydnie Brint, and Quixotica weigh in with these noteworthy responses. 
And if you’re feeling inspired, we encourage you to send a copy of your response to the legislator of your state or territory, or to your local Newspaper.