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Lyrics Unsung

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In January we asked you to dream up a new writing prompt. Your responses poured in! From flash fiction to sci-fi to recipes to cartography, your prompts are sure to fire the synapses of even the most reluctant writer. A big thank you to Phoebe Lease, the mastermind behind this stellar prompt.
A song does its job when you feel transported to an alternate world, decade, or memory. For many people, music can be a means of escape. But sometimes, certain lyrics leave you with questions. A single song can have dozens of interpretations; that’s what makes it so endlessly interesting. This week, write the prequel or epilogue to your favorite song—the backstory behind the lyrics, or the drama that unfolds after the last note fades.
Did Major Tom write letters to his family in David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”? Where are Jack and Diane 35 years down the line of John Mellencamp’s hit single?
Create a face and story for a famous love (or break-up) ballad, or provide a glimpse into the lives of a song’s characters. Give the lyrics a clearer meaning, or leave the reader wanting to know more… it’s up to you. 
Your response can take the form of a short story, letter, poem, or any other narrative form you see fit. Make sure to include the song and artist in your description.  

Need an example? Phoebe Lease shows us how it's done with this new lens on “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space", by Spiritualized.