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Geography of Home

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Home is where the heart is, the old proverb goes...

Indeed, the idea of home as a sanctuary has long been celebrated, and today this value remains strong—home as a place to let down your guard, to rest and restore, to find inspiration, to be in the company of family and friends.
But what gives a home its particular flavor? In her book, Geography of Home, Akiko Busch describes it this way: “There are… times when our homes express infinite possibilities, when they reflect exactly who we are and what we might be.” Of course, who we live with is a large part of the equation. But the physical space matters, too. Mapped out, room by room, homes reflect utilitarian needs, cultural practices, family size and habits, aesthetic taste, orientation to the sun, available building materials, and on and on…
So, dear writers, tell us about your home—specifically, your favorite room and why. What about this room do you appreciate? What part of yourself does it reflect to the world? Perhaps your love of morning sunlight, or your need for quiet, or your impulse to organize? And perhaps more importantly, what about this room reflects the climate or culture in which you live?  

Need an example? ecjpeach tells us all about the one place she finds solitude.