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The Subject that Matters

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In January we asked you to dream up a new writing prompt. Thanks to Angelina Nguyen for providing this brilliant idea:
Did you know that in ancient Sparta, boys had to attend military school at the tender age of six? The age at which most of us are only just awkwardly familiarising ourselves with our new kindergarten classes…
Sparta was heavily combative, you see, and failing to be strong meant becoming a social outcast. Since the earliest civilisations, education systems were designed to teach what was most important for thriving in the world. As society has changes, so too have the required studies for students. Just imagine a kindergartener wielding a spear, and it becomes abundantly clear that crucial skills back in 600 BC may not be so necessary today.  

But what is necessary? This week, design a new course that you think should be taught in modern high schools all around the world. You could create an entirely new subject, revitalise a lost form of schooling, or even choose to put your own spin on a subject that’s already taught in your school. Describe your course in a summary paragraph or two, or list the units that would be covered.
And be sure to explain how your subject will contribute to building citizens for the future. What do you believe are the most important skills to foster, and why? Resilience? Intellect? Innovation? Creativity? And how will this new course shape young brains accordingly?

To help get you started, be sure to check out Angelina's piece, "How to live and how to learn."