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I Remember

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In her short story, “Sudba 1”, Anna Kovatcheva opens with a series of memories, using the repeated phrase I remember. Notice, in the passage below, how this repetition creates a sense of rhythm while leading the reader forward and backward in time:
I remember the last time I saw snow on the mountaintops; I was five. I remember learning the national anthem in school: Mila rodino, ti siI remember that we are out of sugar, but there is none to buy. I remember how Baba likes her coffee. I remember the last walk I took before things began to change, on a winter morning that smelled like clean water. I remember saying goodbye to my mother, but I do not remember where she went. I remember sitting with Lili under a dirty orange overhang and telling secrets in the rain. I remember names for six of the planets. I remember how to make baklava. I remember Baba’s pills, where they are kept in the bathroom and how often she needs them. I remember some words from my own language, but others are missing, like pages from a book.
Dear writers, write the opening of a short story á la Kovatcheva, using a series of “I remember” statements. For inspiration, be sure to check out these pieces by WtW members Engi Abou-El-Kheirrosie, and Ash Stxrm.