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Grace Ow (Singapore) published:

​Silent Observations

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Why does silence feel so uncomfortable in a room,
Waiting to be broken into shards of glass?

Why are some conversations as comfortable as breathing,
And some conversations so awkward it feels suffocating?

Is there nothing more comforting than sleeping in a storm,
Or watching the silent rain fall from the comfort of your bedroom? 
Is there anything worse than knowing what you once had is lost,
Never to return again?

Why are flowers considered a symbol of beauty, both...

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about 4 years ago


Swasti (United States) published:

​Sacred Purpose

PROMPT: Beyond Reason

Tell me, do the heavens cry 
when the earth is bathed in raindrops

Why does a blade of grass 
dance so lightly on the edge of life

And who leaped with joy 
when the water came along to fight the fire

Why does Father time become an exile
when death creeps into his shadow

Seeking Peer Reviews

about 4 years ago