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Next week marks the beginning of February, and the launch of our Foreign Correspondent competition. Stepping into the shoes of a journalist, you’ll be asked to write about an important event that’s happening outside the borders of your own country—an international crisis or movement or conflict...
This week, let’s help each other out! Did you know there are now over 100 nations represented on Write the World? That when we publish on the site, we write to readers on every continent?

Dear writers-near-and-far, what would you say if a foreign correspondent knocked on your door and asked what national events to share with the larger world? Respond to this prompt with a list of three newsworthy events happening on your home turf right now. For example, if you live in India, you might suggest how the ban on 500 and 1,000 rupee notes has impacted a particular community or sector of the economy. Or, if you're in Scotland, you might suggest recent plans to meet half of the country's energy needs with renewable sources by 2030.

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