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Dear writers, next week our Playwriting Competition opens. Get a head start by crafting a monologue: the interior thoughts of a character, composed as a speech.
Monologues are some of the most revealing and exciting material when it comes to playwriting. The audience is given access to the interior world of a character—and often that means coming to understand a secret, a question, a past experience, or an emotion that the character is holding close to her heart… something quite personal that is now bubbling (or exploding) to the surface.
Dear playwrights, this week write a monologue that begins with, “It all started with...” As you write, pay attention to the following:
  • Consider the prevailing emotion of this experience. The audience should be able to see that reliving this memory causes the character to feel heartbroken or afraid or giddy or exasperated all over again.
  • Consider your character: name, age, family, relationship, greatest fear, greatest hope, self-image, biggest secret… 
  • Consider tense. Could your monologue work in the present? Even though it’s about a past memory, sometimes the present tense can make the experience feel more immediate for the audience.
  • Read aloud! Read aloud! Read aloud! Because this monologue will be heard by your audience, not read, it’s important to pay close attention to the sound and rhythm of your words.
For help getting started, be sure check out this monologue by our very own Kara Webber.