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Band Name

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A couple of years ago, Spin Magazine named the 40 all-time greatest band names: The Who, AC/DC, A Tribe Called Quest, The Art of Noise, Velvet Underground, Talking Heads, Florence and the Machine, Queen…
To select their top-picks, Spin used criteria like:
P = Perfectly and succinctly embodies the spirit of a band’s sound or era 
VA = Graphically or typographically appealing 
WP = Clever wordplay 
I = Creates an image
JNSQ = Has that certain je ne sais quoi (a special something that you can’t quite define)
Dear writers, what would you call a band? This week, invent a band that’s sure to make the top of Spin’s next list. In addition to the name, tell us:
  1. A bit about the band and the kind of music it plays.
  2. Why the name is so perfect: P, VA, WP, I, and/or JNSQ.

For inspiration, be sure to check out this band name by Community Ambassador FantasyOtter12!