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Color Swatch

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Did you know that before colors had names, they were referred to by essence? Black may have been called dull, dead, or dreary; while yellow may have been lively or loud.*
For some time now, we have agreed upon names for the basic color wheel, but look inside a clothes catalogue or visit an art store, and new color names thrive:
Peanut shell, burlap, robin’s egg, yam, celery, lipstick…
As writers, we are forever looking for fresh ways to describe the world. What better way to sharpen up our lenses than to add nuance to the color wheel?
This week, dear writers, invent a new color name. Please give us the name, as well as a description of its essence. Here’s an example: Pinewood is the color of a warm welcome in late Autumn, with biscuits in the oven. 
Look here for more inspiration. And be sure to read Emma Sue and Angelina Nguyen's brilliant color descriptions of German mousse and piano keys.