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Imagine This

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Recounting his parents’ wedding, Irish author Colum McCann writes:
Imagine this: It's August 1950. He is Irish. He is in London. He is engaged to be married to a dark-haired, blue-eyed farm girl from Northern Ireland. Shortly before the wedding she gets cold feet and cancels the service. In his grief he joins the air force and is sent to Egypt as an intelligence officer. 

Six months pass. He writes to her every day. She takes a seven-day boat journey to Port Said, where he meets her on the docks, takes her hand, spins her in the air. They defy curfew so she can find a place to get her wedding dress ironed. 

They marry the next day. It is 106 degrees in the reception tent. A light wind blows, and the torn flap of the tent applauds. 

This week, dear writers, in 13 sentences (or less), write your own tale of love from your family’s history. Make sure to include sensory details (like the flap of the tent, above) that allow your reader to enter the setting. And one more thing, start with the same phrase as McCann, "Imagine this..."

WtW's teaism shows us how it's done with this stunning tale.