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All Talk

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This week, dear writers, write a story in dialogue. That’s right: no description, no cues, no background info snuck in by an invisible narrator. ALL TALK.
Just what are we talking about, you ask? Here’s the beginning of the short story “Open Me” by Lee Stoops:
Babe, you're not going to believe this.
Hold on, let me finish this page.
No. This is more important.
Take it easy. I promise: This is worth the interruption.
Okay, what?
You know how I'm always saying I wish more crazy things would happen to us?
This doesn't sound more important yet.
Look what was in our mailbox today.
What is that? Stop waving it around.
You're not going to believe it.
For more ideas on capturing conversation that sounds authentic to the reader, check out these pointers from the literary magazine Bartleby Snopes, and be sure to read "Mr. Fox?" by our own