End... and Begin Again

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Each ending is a new beginning, they say. Why not apply this to poetry?

There’s only one rule, dear poets: Each line must begin with the last word of the line before. Take the final word of one thought, and use it to send your readers down a new path. The possibilities are endless!

In need of inspiration? Take a look at this loop poem, "at the end of the path it begins," by Community Ambassador thebookishfey.

at the end of the path it begins

footsteps fall like roses on the narrow wooden path, leaving
leaving mud-stained prints on stepping stones 
stones fall, stones break, and the footsteps still to silence
silence like tree roots growing
growing not in search of nutrients but in search of sounds
sounds that fall like footsteps on the path

the path grows narrower with every falling step
step off the drop where the path ends into the blue
blue, bluest skies, let the clouds catch you
you who’ve taken things too far
far as the eye can see are endless swooping wings
wings beat at clouds, shy away from lakes below

below the light is all our love
love gathered up in cobwebs
cobwebs sticking to my heart and lungs 
lungs heaving, I look into your eyes - can I see anything else at all?
all my cobwebs spun in rosy tangles fall like shackles to the floor
floor-boards hiding all our buried love

love the sky in all its pages
pages crackle in the fire, crumple, burn
burn the writing I tried so hard to scribe and fell
fell off the edge of the path into the clouds
clouds that failed to catch me 
me and all my dreams, too heavy for this world

[This prompt was designed by Community Ambassador Alum asiyahsultana]