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In a few days, the Op-Ed Competition gets rolling. By Op-Ed, dear writers, we mean opinion. And by opinion, we mean yours. What you, as an individual on planet Earth, think and feel, interpret and conclude about a topic of your choosing.
How do you get the world to listen? Readers must feel tugged into your piece, as if the idea or question you’re posing exerts its own gravity. Before the first line is read, the HEADLINE of the op-ed catches the reader’s eye, kindling their curiosity. Notice how in these recent headlines, the authors beckon the reader with something unusual, bold, or emotionally stirring. Notice, as well, how headlines are sometimes a bit longer than a typical title, and can be posed as a statement or a question.
     Did the Man I Sentenced to 18 Years Deserve It?
     The Zika virus foreshadows our dystopian climate future
     Throw away your earbuds, boredom is good
This week, share your headlines (one or two, three or five…) and find out from your eager readers which they’re most eager to see in full op-ed form. Need more inspiration? Here are two irresistible headlines from WtW's theMiamest