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July Grab Bag

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Created by WtW writers, these one-liners will cast you into a stream of words—the aim is to write as much as possible without writer's block getting in the way. 

Please copy and paste the mini prompt(s) that you’re responding to into the writing field. 
Write . . .
  • a story that starts with “There we sat drinking tea...” and ends with “I smiled at my fish and went to sleep.” (Coco pebbles [ChildOfGod])
  • a letter to your younger self. (løne wølf)
  • about the feeling and experience of an emotion without stating what the emotion is. (StellaBlue)
  • an outline of a story you want to write but haven't gotten around to. (KingLee)
  • a story that centers on a flame going out. (Elodie Hart)
  • a poem about your favourite flower. (Enigmatic)

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