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May Grab Bag

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Created by WtW writers, these one-liners will cast you into a stream of words—the aim is to write as much as possible without writer's block getting in the way. 

Please copy and paste the mini prompt(s) that you’re responding to into the writing field. 
Write . . .
  • about a box that holds memories. Which three memories do you put in it? (by Elizabeth Lopez)
  • about what you would do if you had a whole day without technology. (by ArtCat)
  • about a person walking down your street. Where are they going, and why are they carrying three large buckets? (by Paisley Blue)
  • a poem with one semicolon, one long dash, one comma, one set of speech marks, and one period. (BizzleWrites)
  • about a “dress like its 2020” day at a school in 2068. What do the students wear? (by Spade
  • about a used book and all the people and places it's seen. (by SnowLeopard06)
  • a recipe for your personality with “ingredients” like a “cup of courage” or a “pinch of patience.” (by Renegade_Writer)

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