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Tiny Love

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Did you know that every year, Global Love Day launches the month of May? That’s right, since 2013, the world has celebrated love in all its infinite forms on the first of May. 

This month, nearly a year-and-a-half into the global pandemic, and write a 100-word reflection about how love serves as a tonic—both in tough times and in everyday life. You might write about phone calls to a grandparent this past year, the way your pet greets you each morning, or being with family and friends. 

Below are two examples from Community Ambassadors Avril and person random. Isn’t it extraordinary, dear writers, how sometimes focusing our attention on things that are small is what opens our hearts?

"My love letter to future me"
By person random

Next Year my garden will grow flowers, bright and soft and real. Bees will drink their nectar and spread pollen, and when the wind blows the air will fill with sweet perfume. The soil will be soft and fertile. And Next Year I will look out at my garden, I’ll see the golds and pinks and blues. I will feel pride and joy and peace.

And today as my fingernails cake with dirt and my shoulders begin to ache I smile because, Next Year my garden will grow flowers because I’m planting them today.

"The Cruelty of the Wild"
By Avril

It was June of 2020 when I found the little bunnies in the window wells. Two were quivering in the
corners and the other kept thrusting itself into the air, able to jump only high enough that its round eyes
could see over edge. My hand shook as I reached in, and when I pinched the fold of skin just behind the
first bunny’s head, he became limp. The fur was so soft it felt like nothing between my fingers. I cupped
the bunny in my hands and carried him to the safety of the garden.

I crouched by the garden and watched as they slowly began to move again. My heart filled with joy and I
pushed away the thought that rabbits live less than two years in the wild.