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The Food We Miss

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Have you been missing your tio’s famous moles de Oaxaca? Your grandmother’s gooey fudge brownies? Your best friend’s spaghetti carbonara? Or your neighbor’s xiao longbao?

A year into the pandemic, we are all yearning for our friends and family—and the food and traditions we associate with them. So let’s put our pens to paper, dear writers, our fingers to our keyboards, and write ourselves a whole menu to share!

In 300 words or less, bring to life a dish (or meal). What does it taste like? What does it smell like? How about the texture? The colors? Do you have any funny associations or favorite memories to mix in? Or a piece of history, a slice of this dish’s origin?

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Get writing—we’re ready to dig in!

[This prompt was designed by Community Ambassador seaomelette.]