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All in a Name

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“Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language,” wrote Dale Carnegie. Well, dear writers, we hail from all around the globe, with names reflecting our language, geography, family, culture, religion, and much much more.
This week, tell us the story of your name: its history, its meaning, how it was chosen for you, or your own feelings about its sound or popularity. You may write about your first, middle, or last name. 

Our very own Vani shows us how it's done here. Read on to find out how she feels about a nickname like no one else's. 
Need more ideas? 
•      Were you named after someone?
•      Have you always been called a nickname?
•      Do you know anyone with the same name?
•      Does your name have historical significance?
•      Do you have any funny facts or stories about your name?