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Dream Big

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Most of us have something we dream about: becoming an opera singer or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or going to Medical School or traveling to every continent.  

Dear writers, what do you want to accomplish in life?

Take us into the experience—the SCENE—of your “aha moment”. Reflect on the event that sparked your strong desire to accomplish your dream. Perhaps you decided you wanted to become a teacher after your own experience in an inspiring classroom. Or perhaps it was the first time you took the stage in a school play that you knew theater was in your future.

Tell us what the moment was like. What environment were you in? Who was there? What happened that opened your mind to that dream? What feelings were you left with? Experiment with weaving in sensory details, dialogue, backstory, and anything else that will help readers understand the significance of this moment. 

[This prompt was designed by Community Ambassador therisingwriter.]