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Memory Object

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Every object, from a crumpled up bit of trash to a prized possession, has a story. The candle holder on the kitchen table, the eraser you’ve saved since first grade, the pair of ice skates hanging in the basement, an old book collecting dust... 
For this prompt, look up from this sentence and take in what’s around you. What do you see? What objects catch your eye? 
Choose one! 
Now, dear writers, tell us the story of this object. Perhaps you’ll describe the memories it evokes, or how it came into your possession. Perhaps you'll surmise what past life it lived, or in whose hands it will one day end up. 
Whatever your approach, bring new life to this chosen object through rich sensory description and specific details, like Community Ambassadors sci-Fi and Tula.S do in these phenomenal pieces. 
[This prompt was designed by Community Ambassador sci-Fi.]