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Mid-December Grab Bag

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Welcome to mid-December’s grab bag of prompts, created by WtW writers! These one-liners are designed to cast you into a stream of words, no guidelines needed—the aim is to write as much as possible without the jitters getting in the way. 

Please copy and paste the mini prompt(s) that you’re responding to into the writing field.
  • What does your personal utopia look like? (by A. Penderwick)
  • Write a letter to 2020. (by Dmoral)
  • Turn the last text you sent into a poem. (by beth r.)
  • Write a story that includes the quote, "Well . . . so much for undercover." (by livpalmbos)
  • Write about your favorite memory, but from the POV of someone besides yourself. (by wreathwriter
  • Write a poem using only questions. (by TianEn)
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