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Jenny Offill begins her novel, Dept. of Speculation, with a fact, moves into a description about the early stages of a relationship, then tacks on another fact:
Antelopes have 10x vision, you said. It was the beginning or close to it. That means that on a clear night they can see the rings of Saturn.

It was still months before we'd tell each other all our stories. And even then, some seemed too small to bother with. So why do they come back to me now? Now, when I'm so weary of all of it. 
Memories are microscopic. Tiny particles that swarm together and apart. Little people, Edison called them. Entities. He had a theory about where they came from and that theory was outer space.

In this way, Offill mixes dozens of facts into the narrative throughout her novel, the information somehow adding weight to the story she tells. 
Dear writers, we challenge you this week to weave a fact (or two or three) into a narrative fragment, as Grace Hammond does here, with her lovely piece "Hues." Your piece can be fiction or nonfiction. The fact can stand boldly, throwing a mood across the rest of the piece. Alternatively, you could try integrating the fact into dialogue or description.