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People Power!

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"This system doesn't work if some people opt out," President Obama said back in 2016, before he left the White House. He was talking about democracy. "Don't let people tell you that what you do doesn't matter, "he said. "It does. Don't give away your power." 

Before 2020 comes to a close, dozens of countries around the world will hold democratic elections. From Moldova to the US, Burkina Faso to Peru to Albania… And yet, many people choose not to exercise their right to vote. Take the US, for example, where only 55% of eligible voters head to the polls on election day.
The legal voting age in most places, dear writers, is 18 or older. Which means that most of you are not yet able to vote in your home country. What would you say to those eligible voters choosing NOT to cast their ballots on election day? In postcard form—8 sentences or less—persuade someone to go out and vote this year.
Please note:
This prompt does not ask you to write a postcard telling the recipient WHOM to vote for. Instead, your objective is to encourage a recipient of any political leaning to exercise their right to vote. In your postcard, perhaps you will explain your thoughts and feelings in response to the following questions:
  • Why should someone of legal age vote?
  • Why shouldn’t someone take this right for granted?
  • What rights has voting given us, as citizens (rights that we might take for granted)?
  • Why is this argument especially important coming from you—someone who cannot legally vote, or a young person who may be voting for the first time in this year’s election?
Perhaps after you write your postcard, you’ll even pop it in the mail to a friend or loved one, motivating them to head to the polls on your nation’s next election day!