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World Cup Fever

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Guiding ideas

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*This year's World Cup is in Brazil. Write an article about Brazil and all its sites and attractions for a travel magazine. Perhaps you're lucky enough to have traveled to Brazil, or perhaps you've done your own research. Either way, we want you to describe what it's like to be in the country everyone's talking about.

*Who is your favorite player in this year's World Cup? Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo has 85 million fans on Facebook—perhaps you are one of them? Or do you prefer a player who is not (quite) as popular? Write an article for a Sports Magazine about your favorite player.

*In 2015, Canada will host the FIFA Women's World Cup. Women's sports have never received the media coverage that men's sports do. Do you think this will ever change? Write an article that addresses the inequality between men's and women's sports.
Or your article may be inspired by any other aspect of the World Cup. It's up to you!

Suggested length

250+ words


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