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“Take Off Your Shoes, This is My House”

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The poet Tiana Clark begins her poem “Soil Horizon” with an epigraph (a short quote at the beginning of the work intended to suggest its theme) by Natasha Trewethy:  “….the ghost of history lies down beside me, rolls over, pins me beneath a heavy arm.” 
In a Divedapper interview, Clark  describes the epigraph as “the foyer that you enter into the house of the poem. It’s a way of telling you to take off your shoes, this is my house; you are getting the smells of my house with this epigraph.” 
The epigraph is a much-debated aspect of writing. It serves as an introduction or tone-setter for a piece, and can be used to draw readers familiar with the author of your epigraph into your work. An epigraph is also a good jumping-off point when you feel stuck in your writing. 
Writers, what is the foyer of the house of your poem? Write a poem with an epigraph from someone who inspires your work, or someone who said something that has stuck with you. [Link the work or quote in your footnotes!]
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