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Writing Streak Challenge - Week 3

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Welcome to our Weekly Writing Streak Challenge! Through September 4, we'll post a new writing challenge for you to complete each day. If you complete the challenge, you'll have a chance to be featured on our Instagram!


Each Monday, we’ll post a new challenge for you to complete each day of the week. To participate, do the following:

Monday - Friday
  • Go to Start Writing, then hit the “Free Write” button. 
  • Write your response.
  • Title your piece “Writing Streak,” followed by the week and day (for example: “Writing Streak Week 2 Day 1,” or “Writing Streak Week 2 Day 3”). 
  • When you’ve completed your five daily responses, come back to this prompt, and hit “Start Writing”
  • Title your piece “Challenge Completed.” 
  • In the body, copy and paste the text from all five of your pieces, being sure to title each piece as Day 1, Day 2, etc.
See an example here!


This week, dear poets, detach yourself from punctuation and capitalization. Write a poem EACH DAY that—like the one below—is free from the usual writing rules. Use line breaks and ordering to explore how you can deliver meaning and emphasis without following typical grammar conventions.
Between Walls
By William Carlos Williams
the back wings
of the
hospital where
will grow lie
in which shine
the broken
pieces of a green
* Thanks to Eshita for the original idea for this prompt.