YOU, The Writer

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What is your writing process, dear writers? 

Do you always begin with a spark, or do you have to start pecking at the keys (or scrawling in a journal) for the ideas to take shape? Do you write furiously or haltingly? What most excites or motivates you? What are your greatest sources of creative inspiration? How does writers’ block set in, and what do you do to get unstuck? Does your process change depending on the genre of your piece? Who are your first readers? How do you go about editing and revising? And how, dear writers, do you quiet that inner critic? 

Share, in reflection form, a detailed sketch—or MAP—of YOU, the writer. You need not answer all the above questions; rather, use them as inspiration to consider what your particular process is for arranging words on the page. To get your wheels turning, check out the wonderful works of Community Ambassadors Sherry171 and BeTheChange18 for ideas!