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Tagline Art

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Billboards. Radio. Social Media ads.
Our modern lives are stuffed with fast-moving, colourful, often expensive advertisements; it can seem as though these flashing segments are with us constantly, weaving their tunes and themes—and TAGLINES—into our memories for good.
But the art of the tagline isn’t all about selling products. Taglines can also animate social or environmental movements and drive long-lasting change: “There is No Planet B,” for example, or “School Strike 4 Climate”. They can even become a movement in their own right: “Black Lives Matter.”
A tagline that works is persuasive, meaningful, and memorable. This week, dear writers, write your own… for a cause that’s important to you. In 100 words or less, create a pitch to launch your cause, describing the mission of your movement. And then... drumroll... reveal the tagline itself!
Feel free to experiment with the way you frame your argument—make it as sincere, satirical, humorous, or as heartbreaking as you like. All that matters is how persuasive you can be.

For inspiration, check out "Knowledge is Nourishment" by Community Ambassador And_The_Stars_Laughed, and "Keep Your Mask On -- Kick The Virus Out" by Community Ambassador crow_e!
This prompt was created by Community Ambassador stravelbach.