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Writing Streak Challenge Week 14

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NOTE: This is our LAST WRITING CHALLENGE in this series! We will start a new weekly Writing Challenge series on July 13!


Each Monday, we’ll post a new challenge for you to complete each day of the week. To participate, do the following:

Monday - Friday
  • Go to Start Writing, then hit the “Free Write” button. 
  • Write your response.
  • Title your piece “Writing Streak,” followed by the week and day (for example: “Writing Streak Week 14 Day 1,” or “Writing Streak Week 14 Day 3”). 
  • When you’ve completed your five daily responses, come back to this prompt, and hit “Start Writing”
  • Title your piece “Challenge Completed.” 
  • In the body, copy and paste the text from all five of your pieces, being sure to title each piece as Day 1, Day 2, etc.
See an example from Week 1 here!


Imagine that you could somehow live or exist inside a piece of music. What song or composition would you choose?

Your challenge this week, dear writers, is to pick a song for each day, Monday-Friday. In a short daily reflection, tell us about your choice. Why, of all the thousands of anthems, tunes, melodies, and chants did you choose this one? Perhaps you are drawn to a particular piece of music for the story it tells, or the mood it creates. Perhaps this music is a source of escape—a portal into another world, or perhaps it helps you to better understand or reflect on your own world or life.

Whatever music you choose, tell us why this alternate reality is one that you would like to step into for the day . . . Feel free to experiment with incorporating lyrics and/or notes.