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I Wish They Had an App for That

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It seems like technology can do anything these days.
  • Want to turn your iphone into a harmonica? They have an app for that.
  • Want to know when in a movie you can take a quick washroom break without missing anything big? They have an app for that. 
  • Want to know where the geese are nesting on campus so you can avoid a vicious gaggle? They have an app for that. 
But technology can’t do everything. Yet. In a paragraph or two, write about an app you wish were already invented. What do you want technology to do for you? What problems would be solved with this new app? 
No problems are too big or too small. How about a music-playing app that gauges your mood and perfectly curates your queue for easy listening? How about an app that can translate from one language into another as a person speaks in real time?
The only limit is your imagination (and the laws of quantum physics). For inspiration, check out annaocxo's idea!

This prompt was created by Community Ambassador FizzyBaguette.