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Homesick for a Place

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Write a short piece of fiction incorporating the following two sentences "Is it possible to feel homesick for a place that you have never been before? The Germans think so—they even have a word for it: "Fernweh"... and perhaps it was Fernweh that I/she/he felt." Remember, this place could be anywhere (it doesn't necessarily have to be another country or far-off geographical destination). THINK BROADLY! Perhaps this homesick feeling is tied to a time in history before your character was born, or a moment in your character's life that she hasn't yet lived, or a person he hasn't yet met...

Guiding Questions
  • How have you used atmosphere and emotion in this piece to draw the reader in?
  • How can you incorporate the prompt sentences into a larger piece of work without sounding forced or clunky? Where do these sentences best fit in your story?