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Twenty-Six Sentences

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We have a tall order for you, dear writers:
Write a short story composed of twenty six sentences. The first sentence must start with A, the second with B and so on. You can also go backward (Z,Y, X, etc).

As you work with this constraint, think about the following: 
  • Consider the flow of the sentences and the narrative. How can you focus on the story even while writing within this constraint? 
  • What is the arc of your story? At which letter of the alphabet does it reach a climax? 
  • What 'X' words can you think of that are not xylophone or x-ray?! (Although we won't judge you if you DO use xylophone or X-ray). 
  • What are you going to write about? Although it's a fun exercise, you can still write a story with depth and meaning using this technique. You could also write something light and funny...
This is an extra challenging prompt, but we have some great examples published already to get you started!