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Writing Streak Challenge Week 1

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Can you keep the streak? 

Right now, so many of us are out of our normal routine of school and activities. Take this time to develop your writing practice by joining our Writing Streak Challenge!


Each Monday, we’ll post a new challenge for you to complete each day of the week. To participate, do the following:

Monday - Friday
  • Go to Start Writing, then hit the “Free Write” button. 
  • Title your piece “Writing Streak,” followed by the week and day (for example: “Writing Streak Week 1 Day 1,” or “Writing Streak Week 1 Day 3”). 
  • Write your response.
  • When you’ve completed your five daily responses, come back to this prompt, and hit “Start Writing”
  • Title your piece “Challenge Completed.” 
  • In the body, link to all five of your pieces. 
See an example here!

  • If you’ve successfully completed the challenge, you’ll receive a badge to upload to your profile picture (we’ll email it to the address connected to your Write the World account).
  • Be sure to keep joining each new weekly challenge—you’ll get new badges that show how many challenges you’ve successfully completed!


For so many of us around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our daily routines and rhythms: schools and businesses closed; restrictions on social gatherings; new guidelines for how to greet neighbors, how to stand in line, how to buy groceries, how to wash hands.

And most of us are spending a lot more time at home. 

This challenge is simple, dear writers. At the end of each day this week (Monday–Friday), write a “headline from your home,” capturing your daily activities, your hopes, your rituals during this time, or report on what you may be missing, dreaming, wondering, or feeling. Then write a short blurb, expanding on the headline’s subject.

Here's a few example for inspiration!
  • Extra! Girl Walks into Living Room

    In a startling turn of events, Jennifer Banks, age 15, of Rapids City, Iowa, undertook an arduous journey from her bedroom to her living room. "What an inspiring adventure," said her brother James Banks, age 14, who heard her footsteps pass by his door. "I can't wait to see what she does next. Maybe tomorrow she'll make it to the kitchen!
  • Local Boy Takes Time for Reflection

    For John Smith, age 16, of Calgary, Canada, the social distancing and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a silver-lining: the opportunity to stop and reflect. "A few weeks ago, my life was nonstop school, activities, and sports," says Smith. "Though it's hard staying inside more often and I'm worried about the health of my loved ones and community members, I've finally had some time to look around me a little and ask myself what's really important." As a result, Smith says, when things return to "normal," he'd like to devote more time to family, friends, and writing.