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Pocket Poem

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Dear writers, did you know that April 18 is "Poem in Your Pocket Day"? This holiday was launched in 2002 by the Office of the Mayor in New York City and later spread across the United States and Canada. Let's take it global!

On this day, participants are asked to keep a copy of their favorite poem (or one that they wrote themselves) in their pocket to share with others throughout the day. Whether taking shelter at home, or moving freely around your community, sharing the written word is an act of togetherness.  
What poem would you pick to carry in your pocket for a day? Share with WtW a poem that you adore. What about it speaks to you? The sound? The scenery? And why? What about your life experiences pulls you towards this verse?
Transcribe your poem, and then tell us about your choice in 300 words or less. Then (if you’d like), complete the "Poem in Your Pocket" challenge by carrying (and sharing) your favorite verse for a day. Let us know how it goes!

To get your wheels turning, check out these stellar examples from Community Ambassadors: "Poem in My Pocket" by FizzyBaguette (feat. poetry by WtW member loveletterstosappho!); "'This Moment' by Evan Boland" by annaocxo; and "Poem In Your Pocket -- The Road Not Taken" by Kaitlyn Flannagan.