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The Unseen

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The Prompt

Write a poem about something that can’t be seen, but that has a profound influence on your life. If you've never written a poem before, don't worry - our guidelines will help you!

Suggested length

Anything up to 300 words.


Use the following questions as a guide when writing your response. After the Challenge we’ll feature an entry that thoughtfully considers these questions.

  • Just because it's a poem it doesn't have to rhyme. You could use free verse, or you could set your poem to music.
  • You might want to try writing a particular type of poem, such as a sonnet, a ballad or a limerick. The Poetry Foundation has a great list of the many different forms of poetry here.
  • Does your poem convey how the “unseen” influences your life?
  • How have you played with words and language in this poem? Sometimes poetry uses an impression or metaphor or 'sketch' of an idea rather than explaining something in concrete detail. How have you sketched your ideas for your reader?
Featured Entries

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Challenge! Our featured writer is Chris, for his poem Minds of the Unseen. Sasha is our featured peer reviewer for her thoughtful response to Depression. Head over to our blog to see more on the featured entries.