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Seven Delights

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In The Book of Delights, American poet Ross Gay composes mini essays—“essayettes”—about the joys he encounters in everyday life: a line of poetry, a favorite bird, lying in the grass (or on a sidewalk), a tribute to nicknames.
The book sprouted from a rule Gay set for himself:
Write about delight every day for a year. 
Here is your rule, dear writers:
Write about delight every day for a week.
Your “essayettes” can be as short as a few sentences or as long as a page. Title each, so that your piece is comprised of seven titled sections. At the end of the week, share your delights with the world.

For inspiration, check out the following delightful works from Community Ambassadors: "Seven Days" by stravelbach, "Seven Poems" by Kaitlyn Reese, and "Today I" by annaocxo.