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Identity Quilt

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Identity is like a carefully woven patchwork quilt. There is the whole of who we are (the “quilt”), and there are all the individual characteristics and attributes (the “patches”) that combine to make up the whole. “Intersectionality” is a term used to describe this concept—the intersections of our race, family, religion, language, politics, ethics, school, community, place/geography, passions, etc., come together to form who we are.

For this prompt, dear writers, imagine your own identity “quilt.” Describe five patches for your readers. What does each patch look like? Which facet of your identity does each “patch” represent? In what ways do these individual patches connect with, or influence, one another?

Now, in one paragraph per question, respond to the following:
  1. How much of your identity is determined by your own choices?
  2. To what extent is your identity determined by others’ labels, assumptions, and/or expectations?
  3. What are some of the benefits and challenges of uniting people of intersectional identities? What actions could an individual take to seek such unity? How about a community? A country?