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Lyrical Stratum

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In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country, by Lebanese-American author Etal Adnan, can be described as a memoir written in layers. Using repeating headings such as “My House”, “Vital Data”, “People”, “Education”, “Wires”, and “Weather”, Adnan builds a narrative out of short, lyrical passages.
Read the samples below and then write your own layered narrative, using repeating headings of your choice to organize your prose:
In Beirut there is one season and a half. Often, the air is still. I get up in the morning and breathe heavily. The winter is damp. My bones ache. I have a neighbor who spits blood when. At last it rains.
They are few, and, as there are no. trees in Beirut, the wire-poles are dead, geometric semblances of trees. Dead archetypes. As for the birds, Lebanese hunters have killed them all. Now they are killing thee Syrian birds, too.
The most interesting things about Beirut are the absent ones. The absence of an opera house, of a football field, of a bridge, of a subway, and, I was going to say, of the people and of thee government. And, of course, the absence of absence of garbage.

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