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“If you lowered a microphone into Lancaster Sound off Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic on a summer day, you might hear all at once the tremolo moans of bearded seals, the baritone boom of a walrus, the high-pitched bark and yelp of ringed seals, the electric crackling of shrimp, the birdlike trills and clicks and other harmonics of white beluga whales and horned narwhals, and the elephantine trumpeting of huge bowhead whales.”
So begins Edward Hoagland’s review of the book Arctic Dreams—a “passionate paean [song of praise] to the Arctic.”
If you lowered a microphone into your pocket of the world, what would you hear? In list form, à la Hoagland, tell us what sounds represent the place you call home. For inspiration, check out the following exemplar pieces from Write the World Peer Ambassadors: "The Alluring Whispers of Nature" by clos, and "New Day" by Huda Ayaz!