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Teacher Gratitude

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In her 1930 essay on the purpose of education, Eleanor Roosevelt wrote: “If ever in small ways I may do any good work in the world, the credit will not be mine but in part at least it will belong to the most inspiring teacher I ever knew.”
For this prompt, dear writers, celebrate an inspiring teacher who has made a difference in your life. What made this teacher so great? What did you learn from them? Were they a classroom teacher, or a different type of educator (coach, tutor, advisor)? Tell us about them and their impact, using specific details that allow readers a glimpse into their classroom (or tennis court, art studio, writing center etc.). For inspiration, check out "Merci Madame" by PalmLeaf and "Ms. Sangeeta" by efflorescence, two wonderful WtW peer ambassadors!
Once you've complete your essay, we encourage you to share your words with this special teacher, too!