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Arctic Dreams

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Barry Lopez, one of the seminal environmental writers of our time, is best known for his book Arctic Dreams, in which he sets out to answer (in part) this question: 
“How does the land shape the imagination of the people who dwell in it?” 
This is a TOUGH question. And to up the ante even more, we’d like you to answer it in just three sentences. Are you up to the challenge dear writers?
Here are some further questions to get your gears in motion:
How has your imagination (and inspiration) been shaped, informed, changed, or otherwise influenced by the landscape you call home? Does it form the backdrop to your dreams? Does it influence your hopes for the future? Do your short stories take place in the same dust-blown city of your childhood? Do your characters imagine what’s beyond the walls of their town (or beyond the border of their country), just like you do? 
In THREE SENTENCES, describe how your imagination is tied to landscape and/or a sense of place. To spark your imagination, check out "cityscape" by luluwrites11 and "BYPRODUCTS" by Girasol -- two stunning exemplar pieces!